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Carousel Performing Arts Center is searching for aspiring young performers and visual artists. No experience necessary.

Triple Threat Academy

A unique training program for the SERIOUS student! Thoughtfully designed to create well-rounded performers, build self confidence and provide quality training coupled with practical performing experience; opening doors for a future in the arts.

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2011 Philly Fringe Festival

Female Trouble


Former students of Miss Cathy perform the opening scene of the critically acclaimed Female Trouble during the 2011 Philly Fringe Festival.

This has been the most magical week for my 4-year old daughter. Each day a new Princess surprises the kids with a visit. The Princess stays for a tea party as well as dancing and/or crafts. This has allowed my daughter to spend time with the Princess and I get a recap of every conversation she has at the end of each day! The theme is tied to the Princess, so games, snacks and crafts all correlate to the Princess of the day. The crafts are well planned, age appropriate and beautiful. They aren't your typical Pinterest craft and are...

Ballerina Princess Camp